Track Covered: Melody Calls

Alambradas: A computer, a microphone, a keyboard and a voice. This is how Nicole Patrício, a 18-year-old girl from Sao Paulo, Brazil, makes her songs under the name Alambradas.
She defines her influences as “everything you’ve never heard” and her sound as “something simple but complicated”.

On ‘Melody Calls’..
Since I started making part of this project, my plan was to cover a song that is not that known, a song that people wouldn’t expect a different version. Then, my choice was ‘Melody Calls’, which I think it’s a great song that also describes how I feel about Doves. Unfortunately, they haven’t been to Brazil yet, so this song means a calling + a huge ‘thank you’ and, hope they like it. =)

Alambradas on the web:



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