[ezcol_1half] Disc One

01. Dementio13 Firesuite

02. The Honored Guests M62 Song

03. Tom Hummer House Of Mirrors

04. A Clearing Snowden

05. Substance Sea Song (Substance Sonar Remix)

06. springtide Rise (Live From Abandoned Seaside)

07. Thoughts Of Crossing Compulsion

08. Loren Carpenter – Red Guts The Last Son

09. prAnkster Caught By The River

10. Ella Constantinides – Friday’s Dust

11. Clarion Words (Reprise)

12. Bradley Rains The Cedar Room[/ezcol_1half][ezcol_1half_end]Disc Two

01. Supercade Eleven Miles Out

02. Town Criers Black And White Town

03. Fourteenhours Here It Comes

04. Dr.Keys Dub’s House Of Mirrors

05. Silentjets The Outsiders

06. Substance Spellbound (Substance Quartet Mix)

07. The Jetsprays Brazil

08. Alambradas Melody Calls

09. Loren Carpenter – Red Guts Some Cities

10. Richard Stephens and John Howe Andalucia

11. John Rockliffe Caught By The River

12. The Nurse Who Loved Me The Cedar Room

13. Modeon Ambition [/ezcol_1half_end]