Track Covered: Words (Reprise)

“When I first heard about the idea of a cover album I was really interested in taking part but considering I’d never recorded any music before and I don’t sing, I thought it pretty much ruled me out of being involved. I loved the idea of it though and I
wanted to have a crack at something so I went out and bought some basic recording gear to set me up. I’d kept meaning to do this for a while anyway but just “never got round to it”. This kind of gave me the kick up the backside I needed to do it”

“Words (Reprise) came about after essentially, and somewhat ironically, “stealing” the idea from an Oasis song. There’s a track at the end of their album Be Here Now that’s just an instrumental reprise of ‘All Around The World’ which got me thinking.
I thought that it might make for something a bit different than doing just a straight cover of one of Doves’ instrumental songs, and I decided that Words would be the perfect choice for it as it has this really uplifting melody which just leaps out at you and I figured I could base the cover around it”

“Initially, I was going to record it on electric and sort of continue on from where the original left off but I decided to mix things up a bit and go for a more mellow, down tempo acoustic version. Playing around with some effects I managed to capture this sort of dreamy sound which I centred the cover around, I then added some backwards guitar to it which seemed to really augment the effect and the rest just fell into place” [/ezcol_1half]
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