Track Covered: Firesuite

Dementio13 is the alias of Cardiff-based electronica producer Paul Foster. Drawing on influences as diverse as Joy Division, Aphex Twin, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Can; Dementio13’s music is an eclectic mix of post-rock, epic electro, psychedelia, trip-hop and drum n bass.

On Firesuite..

Firesuite was one of the first tracks which switched me on to Doves. It’s such a well put-together track, with a perfect balance between laid-back grooves, epic sweeps and atmosphere. It set the template for soundtrack-influenced mellow instrumental tracks to come, and set Doves apart from most ‘indie’ wannabes. Also, it was quite a brave move to put an old instrumental as the opener for their album, ‘Lost Souls’. But it dictated the tone and mood for that album really well.

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