Track Covered: House Of Mirrors

By night, Dr. Keys is a staple in the Toronto music scene, having played with quite a few acts over the past few years.  By day, he produces Matthew Keys, children’s entertainer.  A jazz pianist by nature, with a bachelor of music, Dr. Keys has the ability to play a variety of instruments, and sometimes records all of them at once.  Drawing from a vast range of influences such as Doves, John Coltrane, Soundgarden, The Bad Plus, and KISS, it’s always going to be eclectic when it comes from Dr. Keys.  Check out Matthew Keys’ Myspace for new material produced by the Dr.

On House of Mirrors:

Having been very intimate with Doves’ music as a fan for the past 10 years, Keys has found that he can relate to all of their music on different levels.  “House of Mirrors” represents the ongoing search for love lost through the ages.  When one loses a large part of their life, it’s up to them to find it again.  Deconstruction breeds reconstruction.  As such, considering the title of the tribute album, it would have been cool for Keys to try his hand at covering a more recent Doves work, in a way that Doves would probably do it themselves.  It was a very rewarding experience working with this piece, and the fact that proceeds raised are going to a good cause only strengthens the desire to work with this music on such an intimate level.

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