Track Covered: Ambition

Modeon is an alternative electronic artist from Watford.

A hyperactive insomniac with training in classical composition, Modeon crafts intelligently innovative pop, fusing the familiar with the downright bizarre. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer, and has worked with choirs, orchestras, jazz ensembles and string quartets, as well as nurturing the best of local rock and roll talent. Has been lucky enough to work with some industry legends over the years, including Paul Tipler, Steve Beresford, Christopher Cundy and Audrey Riley.

Dabbling in everything from acoustic ballads to ambient soundscapes, Modeon always strives to do something different and has released two full-length albums, ‘Mindscapes (2008)’, ‘Submariner (2009)’, an array of singles, and has recently completed a new short-player, ‘Fall Out EP (2010)’.

Why Ambition?

“The original version of ‘Ambition’ is so startling, pure and mesmerising that it immediately came to mind. Stylistically it’s so stripped back and of-itself that it would have been too easy to just recreate it note for note, douse it in reverb and be done with it.

The challenge I set myself was to completely reinvent the song, with a new time signature and a dazzling new arrangement. I wanted to see if I could make it more mainstream by picking it apart and rebuilding the music in my own style. The harmony is cyclical, as are the lyrics, so I wanted to underpin them with a more exploratory backing which goes on more of a journey than the original version.

I hope the results are not too insulting to Doves. If they are, please send me an S.A.S.E and I will provide a handwritten apology.”


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