Richard Stephens and John Howe


Track Covered: Andalucia

Technically, we aren’t a band.. just two friends passionate for everything to do with music.

Rich took the duty of doing the backing guitar and Vocals, whilst John played the Lead Guitar, Drums and Bass.
The song was recorded and mixed by us both too.

We used the facilities at our university to do this.. We’re both currently in our second year at Falmouth University College, studying Digital media BA hons.

It was a complete honour to be given the oppurtunity to cover a song by a band we have loved since our childhood.
But of course, it wasn’t easy picking a single song from such a vast library of tracks..
In the end we decided to go with Andalucia, a song that has everything a true summer anthem needs..
In the first year of uni, it managed to always keep the atmosphere of our workspaces upbeat.. even when the essays/paperwork come flooding in!
As well as this, we also didn’t feel that it got the attention it deserved when released in the charts.
So the least we could do is pay some homage to it!

If you would like to see some of the work we’ve been doing at Univeristy, check out the links.

Rich Stephens

John Howe

Hope you enjoy the song!

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