Tracks Covered: Sea Song & Spellbound

Substance (aka Nick Yates) is an armchair student of music from Bath, England who enjoys playing piano & guitar and composing. His music influences include The Cure, TFF and “anything that moves me physically or emotionally”. Producing music for the Doves tribute album is the first step to recording his first instrumental project, as well as re-recording earlier compositions including ‘Without You’ and ‘Everyday’s Our Reunion’.

“Sea Song has been an important part of my life since the moment I heard it back in 2000 on the Steve Lamacq show. At the time I’d dropped out of University, moved back in with my parents and had no real direction or much to look forward to. My faith in music had taken a knock, but Sea Song rebuilt my hope in quality music. Despite all the amazing music Doves have produced since, I still love Sea Song and was very excited when the opportunity to do my own tribute came along with ‘Echoes In The Alleyway’. I have tried to keep the feeling of the sea in the mix whilst adding sonic references to my wife’s upbringing in an industrial port.”

“I think Spellbound is a hidden gem in the Doves collection. The production is perfect and I haven’t got that excited about listening to a guitar part in a while! One of my wife’s favourites and should have been a single as other people I know, not normally followers of Doves, saw this as a stand-out track. The lyrics are beautiful but I’ve always wanted to hear a more stripped down version (maybe with Jez’s fragile vocals – hint, hint!). My tribute is an attempt to show the song in a more raw form, to try and capture that moment of being exposed and under a spell!”

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