Track Covered: Eleven Miles Out

Formed especially for the Echoes In The Alleyway – A Tribute to Doves project, Supercade are:

John Barton – drums and percussion
Oz Barton – bass, programming and monotron.
Andy Brewer – guitars, cut-ups and some other noises’.

So they got together, and spent a Saturday night sifting through Doves back catalogue, whittling down a lengthy list of cover potential until the mantra guitar sounds and bold as brass energy of 11 Miles Out got them slow nodding at each other in common agreement.

It’s no understatement to say that recording the track has been a battle.  After just one rehearsal Andy broke his collar bone in a bike accident and soon after drummer John suffered a nasty back injury; both unfortunate hassles that nearly wrecked the entire project.  But this sudden attack of bad luck only made them more determined and resolute to complete the recording. So, after minimal recuperation and a new thought out approach to laying the track down, Supercade made good their version of the song…and it’s a pretty different take on the original for sure, but one which works with it’s sound-scaped layering and counter-melody allure.

This project was a nice reunion for Andy and Oz as they’d played together in a few different bands over the years, and depending upon the reaction to this track, they just might stick around and write and record new music together as Supercade.

Now for the geographical bit…..Supercade’s version of 11 Miles Out was recorded in Andy’s flat, John’s lounge and Chiltern Rehearsal Studio’s in High Wycombe, which is also where it was mixed by Supercade and Steve Reardon.

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