The Honored Guests


Track Covered: M62 Song

The Honored Guests are veterans of the Chapel Hill, North Carolina (U.S.A.) music scene. The band has released 3 full length albums and one EP, their most recent being the 2010 full-length entitled Please Try Again. The band has toured every corner of the United States and are constantly home-recording new material.
On “M62 Song”…

“M62 Song” has long been an obsession of The Honored Guests. The eerie opening, the heavily compressed vocals, and the 1920?s blues-style guitar pattern make the song unique and help to complete the range of styles and emotions that are presented on The Last Broadcast. We were really interested in doing a third version of the song, especially considering that the Doves version is sort of a ‘Part II’ to King Crimson’s classic, “Moonchild”.  We initially toyed with the idea of altering the lyrics slightly from the Doves version, just as Doves had done on “M62 Song”. However, in the end we felt that the flamenco-style guitar pattern and the completely altered arrangement were enough to make the song an interesting cover while still maintaining the style that makes Doves so wonderful and interesting to us.

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