The Jetsprays


Track Covered: Brazil

Founded: 2003, The Jetsprays are a 3-piece rock outfit based in Minnesota, USA.

Jolt Narynights – vocals, bass
Fuzz Harkhan – vocals, guitar
Gazzzz Ostrich – backing vocals, drums

Taking their name after one of the greatest inventions of mankind (the jetspray beverage machine), The Jetsprays are TOTALLY your typical rock band. Just kidding! They’re cartoons, folks! But unlike the Josies and Gorillaz before them, 1/3 of the group is non-human. Gazzzz, their drummer, is an ostrich. From space!

Without boring you to death, Fuzz and Jolt once spent many moons minus a drummer. Then one day, after Fuzz suffered a disgusting bout of indigestion, the duo came into contact with some otherworldly crimson plectrums. Not only did these plectrums improve their abilities for hotter licks, they also gave them an absurd ability to travel through space and time all over the universe. One particular excursion to the planet of Ostropia changed everything. The Jetsprays witnessed a Mr. Gazzzz Ostrich bash things (in rhythm!) with his head.  The day had come: Gazzzz was formally asked to become their third member and official percussionist. The rest is history. Actually, it’s not history. In space, weird things happen with time, so history could actually be the future instead.

The Jetsprays live in Minnesota and pull influences from all over the place: Some of their favorite bands are: Oasis, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Sloan, and of course, Doves! They consider themselves Space Rock, but who needs labels?

Their first EP and accompanying comic book are in the works.

Why did we choose “Brazil?”

Jolt says, “It’s one of the most energetic, yet one of the least-known Doves tunes around! The first time I heard it, I couldn’t sit still in my seat. And I don’t dance. I listened to it non-stop for days on end. When word came around about the tribute, ‘Brazil’ was the obvious choice to cover.” The Jetsprays’ version is a little slower, with emphasis on a movin’ beat! Not 100% sure if we got the lyrics correct, but it was fun anyway. Fun fact: we mixed in a flanged dumptruck noise.


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