The Nurse Who Loved Me



Track covered: The Cedar Room


Steve Weston – Vocals, Guitars, keys/drums
Lee Yates – Bass/guitars
Toby Gore – Drums, Vocals, Samples and percussion

The Nurse Who Loved Me who formed in 2003, blend Riffy Rock with Big ambient guitar sounds. Pulling influences from the Foo Fighters, Doves, Elbow and Feeder. 2009 saw the band return from a 2 year hiatus with their third album ‘Illuminate’ and a whole bigger sound.
The band are currently working on a set of new songs in the studio, which will be available as a free download at the end of 2010.

Rocksound magazine (Feb 2010) said:
“A member lighter and an effects pedal heavier, The Nurse Who Loved Me return for their third LP. For a band named after a Failure track, success is on their side. Accomplished and cohesive, ‘Illuminate’ manages to straddle melody and fuzzy feedback admirably. ‘The Final Sleep’ is lush and angry at the same time, and sees vocalist Steve Weston keening “you are missed” over swampy guitars. Meanwhile, ‘Slowest Summer’ is a sweet and subdued acoustic number that sublimates into post-Pixies fuzz around the halfway mark.
‘Illuminate’? It’s a spark in a dark room.”

Why we chose Cedar Room:
Ever since discovering Doves in 2000, and being blown away by their set a Reading Festival, Doves have been a big influence on the band. Cedar Room was such a big sounding song and we knew it was a big song to try an pull off as a cover! We’ve enjoyed playing the song, and bits an we’re glad we got it down!


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