Thoughts Of Crossing


Track Covered: Compulsion

Thoughts of Crossing is a progressive-rock group from Ames, Iowa. Their style incorporates the prog-metal of Tool, the post-rock vibe of Mogwai, and the funk-rock bounce of 311 and Incubus. In May 2009 they released their third album, Damage Control, as a free download from their Web site. Thoughts of Crossing is currently recording their fourth LP, which will be their debut on the Pinnacle Records label.

On Compulsion..

“Compulsion was a great match for us because it caters to our sound while still leaving room for interpretation and expansion. Like us, Doves have always mixed a wide range of styles into their music, and Compulsion in particular gives us the opportunity to see what their funky groove would sound like if it was rocked out a bit more.

The bass and drums in Compulsion are driving the song the entire time, and we wanted to stay true to that foundation. Where our interpretation will really come through is in the guitar, vocals, and production. These elements will be heavier and much less ambient, but we plan on maintaining the fun bounce of the original.”

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